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LCD Display blanks on 2011 650

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just a Note if you LCD goes blank but the back light is on. Check all fuses. Mine went blank and the bikes motor shut down. I did check the fuse box for the ignition fuse but ignored the Fuel, lights ect. The headlights, turn signals all worked ok. Just would not start and the screen was blank. Had it towed to the nearest dealer and showed them the issue and said I checked the ignition fuse. Turned out the fuel fuse blew. The dealer ship was great and only charged me 25 bucks. My thought was had the displal been ok IE showing the MPH/milage/D ect I would have pulled the fuel fuse. I assumed the ECM was based on the blank screen. So if your LCD goes blank check fuel and ignition fused. I have to believe this is some logic in the ECM ?

I cant complain it was only 25 bucks since the tow was free through my insurance co. I Just think its silly the LCD blanks like that.
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But why did the fuel fuse blow?
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