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Handlebars - Thicker, 1 inch, not 7/8th.
Floorboards - Add 2 more inches width.
Engine - Give us 839cc.
Seat - Add an inch depth.
Windscreen - Wider 2 inches, taller 2 inches.
Glove Compartments - Take advantage of above-mentioned space and improve quality.
Exhaust - Shorter, make twin pipe if poss, reduce muffling qualities by a db or so.
Options - Add stereo choices, speed control, and more accessories/dress up options.
Color Options - Come ON! Darn. Add at least 4 different color options.

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I HATE 1" bars!!! They were the only bad thing about my 1992 Suzuki GSX1100G.

I have big hands - they just take extra reach with my fingers. I prefer to use 2 fingers on the levers, and with 1" bars I don't get the lever control without more fingers. It also takes more to hold onto the handgrip.

Thicker handgrips are cheap and easy to put on - please leave the bars alone for the rest of us!
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