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Product Review:

Laminar Lip

The Laminar Lip is a plastic device that redirects airflow over the stock windscreen, above the head of the rider. It lists for 79.95 USD

Simple. It uses 2 3M adhesive buttons. To install to the windscreen. It is recommended that the Lip be move d up or down based on the height. I am dead on 6 feet, which it is recommended to install the Lip half above the stock windscreen.

I tested the product on a ’03 Honda Reflex, as my 650 Burgman is in the shop, but I feel that the results would be similar. The stock Reflex windscreen, gives me a lot of upper body buffeting on up to my helmet. This is very noticeable at higher speeds from 50 mph and up. I choose a 10-mile stretch of a local highway, with no wind present. The results are based on my subjective experience.

I reached my cruising speed of 50 MPH and noted a lot of upper body wind pressure and a fair amount of helmet buffeting. As my speed increased to 75 MPH it was uncomfortable.
The Lip was then placed on and the route rerun. The results were remarkable. I felt my less pressure against my chest and less head buffeting. It was overall much more pleasant.

4/5 – The only drawback I see is the price is fairly high when I can buy an aftermarket windscreen for a little more money
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