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I asked my wife to buy me the Knight Riderz LED Brake Light for Christmas. At $24.95 for a 12 "high power dual density" LED brake light, I figured if that was all marketing hype, then I wasn't out too much. For some reason my cheap soul has a problem paying the $130 for an Admore LED Light kit. :roll: So I installed it tonight.

The model I installed is the LB02. (I actually ordered the LB01, but they sent the more expensive ($26.95) LB02. :) ) I highly recommend getting the LB02 model now.

Installation went easy. I used a portion of a black gallon sized container of moss killer for the "bracket". I cut a 7.5 inch length out of it on a corner, since it was already partially in the shape I wanted. I then (without telling my wife), used her iron to heat it and make it an "L" shaped bracket. Two holes to mount it to the bottom of the Givi mounting plate and a hole in the center for the wires to pass through, and I was mostly done. The rest of the time was spent trying to figure out where to route the wire.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like.



I don't think the last picture does the Knight Riderz LED lights justice. It looks bright there. Standing behind it, I couldn't help but say "WOW!" It POPS out at you. :shock: If this doesn't wake up the people behind me, I don't know what will.

I have a brake light modulator installed for the main brake lights. So the main brake lights flash anyway. The Knight Riderz LED brake light flashes also, but on its own timing. The effect is like the main lights flashing immediately with the brake held, then just behind that, the Knight RIderz LED light flashes extremely bright. The main light goes steady after about 4 seconds, but the Knight Riderz LED light continues to flash brightly for about 10 seconds.

The picture below was taken with the flash. As a result, it doesn't show the effect of the Knight Riderz LED light as well. But what it does show you, is what you can do with reflective tape to be visible in low light conditions...before you hit your brakes.

One thing you can do to be more visible, is to add reflective tape under the red lenses on the Givi (or any other top box). Those red lenses look like they should be reflective, but they aren't. After I bought the top box, I put some white reflective tape under the lens. Cost was less than $5...but the effect is normally better than you see here.



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Nice clean install also Chris . . .
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