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Just wanted to say Hi !

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Been Lurking this site for a Long time..And its very good..Bought a Blue 650 Burg about 7 Months ago...Got a Givi sheild and back rest and a Corbin seat..I love the Bike..traded in a Sporster 96 1200 Custom Harley with 6000 miles that i Bought New..And i had a total of like 8 bikes thru my years..But the Burg Has been the best ..I love this bike..Wife finally likes it after like a year..Had to get over the Harley thing..But Anyway..Love this site..Much better than the rest..Corbin seat..I like it..she says old one was better...Im 5'11 she is small...I can tell ya..shorter people..the Corbin..Is not for you,,Its a little big for me..But it is a Quality seat and i love it..And it makes me reach a little..

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Welcome to BurgmanUSA - it's about time you said "Hi"! I also have a Blue 650 - about 1 year now and 10,000 miles. Glad you are enjoying yours - and I envy you that Corbin seat. I'm not sure why Corbin made the Burgman seat taller than the stock one. Most of their motorcycle seats are actually a little lower than the stock seats.
Welcome to the forum! about time you stopped :lurk: about. Glad you took the time to register.
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