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Hello Folks:
I really don't care much about what type oil to use as long as the oil is fresh, like on one of the forum one said:
"GO RIDE...QUIT WORRYING ABOUT YOUR OIL...Oh, and your sparkplugs are fine.... "lol
and that is the truth, however for the past year or so I read extensively about Shell Rotella T6 synthetic engine oil that is for instance a JASO MA certified, and other biker's experience with it. Here in East coast while getting read for new bike season and changing my Burgman's engine oil I decided to switch over to Shell Rotella T6.
My Burgman has currently around 4900 miles and I have used expensive MOTOREX regular non synthetic oil up until this season. After the oil change my initial 50 miles drive was an amazing experience. The bike run and felt as good as an old Swiss watch nice and quite. I was also amazed how much more the top speed was improved. Even the gas mileage has has gone down a bit.
So for all of you that in the past rec. this oil to me I should say thank you...and for those of you not yet using it I highly rec. that you do so.
This was the best and the cheapest improvement that I have done engine wise for the total cost of $21.00 and some change.
In addition I am going to use this oil in my other bikes with the wet clutches.
I will be glad to know whether or not you have any experience with Shell Rotella T6.
Thank you and so long...
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I'm new to the forum and one of the things I don't fully understand - there are a number of them - is the requirement for a oil that meets JASO MA in the Burgman 400. I thought that a JASO MA oil was a requirement for a bike with a wet clutch but the Burgman 400 has a dry clutch. Are there other propeties of a JASO MA oil that are needed in the 400?

It seems to me that Suzuki just lists a blanket set of requirements in all their owner manuals not matter what bike you own. Besides the JASO MA oil would also be the 4,000 max rpm requirement for break-in. This might work for a muti-cylinder bike with a manual transmission but not the 400 with a CVT.
There are some other reasons for the JASO MA cert. One is shear in the transmission gears that are inside the crankcase on many bikes. Again the 400 doesn't have those just like it doesn't have a wet clutch. I don't worry about using an oil with the JASO cert in my 400 but I do in my 650.
The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) has created their own set of performance and quality standards for petrol engines of Japanese origin, such as API in U.S>
The Suzuki service manual requirement is following:
Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in

Thankfully the Shell Rotella t6 exceeds all that...
For more info please review this topics posted on
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If you have a 2007+ 400, you may want to look for the JASO certification. The final drive takes the same spec oil as the engine.

I use the Delo 400 synthetic which is an equivalent to the Shell Rotella synthetic. Why? Because I can get it at Costco, which is more convenient.

thomasg said:
The Suzuki service manual requirement is following:
Use of SF/SG or SH/SJ in API with MA in
I have no doubt that Rotella T6 will work just fine - I used it in my last bike - but if you're using T6 only because the Suzuki manual says to use a JASO MA rating then you're not using their recommended 10W-40 viscosity or any of the other alternatives listed.

But, OTOH, using a 5W-40 oil could even be better for your engine during a cold startp. Over at the "Motor Oil University" on the Bob IS The Oil Guy website it says that no oil is thin enough for an engine during a cold start - not even a 0W synthetic - and that's when most of the wear in an engine occurs.

Using their logic you should be using a 0W-40 oil. Lucas Oil does make a 0W-40 oil with a JASO MA rating. ... rcycle-oil

But as it's been written on many forums, many times before - it probably matters more about how often you change your oil than what kind you use. You can't go wrong with buying T6 at Walmart.
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lloyed 123 has a very good point. Also remember I will be worry about the higher Watt # because there are not many good days we or I should say I am riding my Suzuki in a very cold days. almost non. but they are lots of riding in those hot summer days.
Thank you for info about Lucas oil. I like their product...
I became a convert to synthetic oil in 1991. I had a Ford Festiva and worked the midnight shift. Being outside all night in winter, the car would shudder and shake when I started it in the morning. I tried Mobil 1 and the car started like it was summertime. Couldn't believe the difference. Never went back to dino oil.
OH MY GOD............!!!!!!!!!! And all this time, I thought that SHELL ROTELLA WAS A MACARONI PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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