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Just rode my new to me 200 home. Phone mount?

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I just rode my new to me 200 home. It’s going to be fun but I can see why there aren’t too many out there. This is not a $5k scooter and seems to fill a very specific need.
The only post I can find about a phone mount is from 2016 and Larry has since passed away. I want to use my Ram Mount X grip. Do I just use the standard offset reservoir cover base or is there something better? The reservoir cover is so small on this thing.
I see the cover to cover bar on eBay but I had one of those on my other BMW scooter. Expensive and I didn’t see the point.
Any better options?
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On both my previous Burg 400s and my Burg 200, I've used the RAM mount that sits on top of the left side brake resorvoir cover and it worked great for my GPS. For my phone - I keep it in my jacket pocket where it belongs.
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