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Just rode my new to me 200 home. Phone mount?

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I just rode my new to me 200 home. It’s going to be fun but I can see why there aren’t too many out there. This is not a $5k scooter and seems to fill a very specific need.
The only post I can find about a phone mount is from 2016 and Larry has since passed away. I want to use my Ram Mount X grip. Do I just use the standard offset reservoir cover base or is there something better? The reservoir cover is so small on this thing.
I see the cover to cover bar on eBay but I had one of those on my other BMW scooter. Expensive and I didn’t see the point.
Any better options?
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Congrats on the new bike. Where's the photo taken? Awesome view.
I think most folks who are mounting phones are using them for GPS apps, i.e., do not have a separate Garmin, etc. I know this is the case for me: I mount my phone to use as a GPS, doing this maybe once or twice a year.
Once or twice a year indicates you're still young, mentally astute, and coherent.
These days, I find myself somewhere between lost and found. My spouse has recommended a tracking device so she can have the authorities issue a 'silver alert'.
But I rather like being lost, it gives me an excuse to be dally longer than usual.
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