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just picked up the burgman

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I just returned from a short ride on the burgman after a long drive to pick up the scooter. a few impressions, based on very little time in the saddle, so far.
the engine braking will take a little getting used to. probably because I have only ridden motorcycles, and they behave much differently. it is probably a plus, I just need to adjust to it.
the windshield is probably the worst possible heigth for my torso. I am 6'2", with a 32" inseam, so I do have a long torso. the shield not only puts my head into the wind, it seems to concentrate the entire airmass in front of the bike squarely between my eyes. shorter riders may find it perfect. after looking at photos, I think the clearview xxl is probably in order(any opinions about shields, for my heigth?)
with those 2 nits out of the way, I will say that I really like the 650. very good power. similar to the ace750. seating position is excellent.
I am going to take the wife on a ride into town in a few minutes, to get her opinion of the passenger arraingements. after the postage stamp seat on the ace, I think she will be very happy.
I need time to adjust to all of the buttons and characteristics of the burgman. the ace that I have ridden for the last 9k miles is as opposite as it can be. it seat heigth is 24", after lowering the bike quite a bit. and talk about a lack of electronics, it has a speedo. thats about it.
wife just came in from outside. I am going out for another ride. I am very, very pleased with the burgman. I will get her opinion next.
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thanks for the info on the clearview. I will order one. where is the best place to buy?
the wife loves the rear seat and the storage. I am probably going to order a backrest and clearview this season. any suggestions about backrests? the suzuki backrest looks a little low. the givi seems to have a small pad.
we rode about 25 miles. not too far, but I am already adjusting to the bike. I am looking forward to tomorrow. we will probably manage to 100 miles.
sorry, I wasn't specific enough. I was refering to a backrest for my wife. I have seen pics of the givi and suzuki offerings, just wanted a few opinions.
I did see that website a few days ago. looks interesting.
thanks everyone for the info. if I have to wait for the clearview, I will probably just put up with the stock shield until the new shield arrives.
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