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Jeanettecentaur from Texas Coastal Bend

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Hi everyone. I'm new here!

Just purchased a 2008 Suzuki Burgman 650 for 3K. I took her out for our 1st ride to the beach, then cafe au lait and beignets just this morning. My hair is a wreck and I can't stop smiling! I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to navigate these forums.

Looking forward to learning from you all!
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Worked on Alice for the 1st time...

Welcome to the BUSA forum Jeanette...........!! Forget about the hair - and just enjoy your new ride......!! :thumbup: :thumbup: All the help that you will ever need is right at your fingertips............. Are you going to service your bike yourself or depend on a reliable dealer for that? Good luck and RIDE SAFE, TOO.......... :D :D

Yes, I will be working on my bike a bit, and also I found someone local in case anything big comes up. Today I pulled out my battery and took my seat off to shave an inch off the underside of the seat since I am on the short side.

I used an electric filet knife to cut out v-shaped slices until I was satisfied, then put the cover back on with 1/4 inch staples. I am 5'1" so I really needed the height since the bike is heavy and I was having issues @ stoplights. Feels much better now.

Now to order the Repair manual since I have a bit more confidence now. ;)

Wow! I am totally impressed! At 5' 2", I can barely get my feet down on my 400 with Milwaukee thick-sole boots. Riding a 650 at your height makes you my heroine for sure!

Looks like I spoke too soon. Even in my boots with the seat shaved I am still having trouble at lights. I think I'm going to try to trade for a 400... :(
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