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Proof that power corrupts absolutely!

Wow.. everyone one is right.. people really notice these Burgmans. They are works of art.. Beautiful lines. I tend to be partial to black but this dark blue is now my favorite.. color but classy....
Only 55 miles but so far so good. I think it is getting smoother since the first mile. Transmission and engine are already breaking in. Compared to the Helix, there's no comparison.
this is as far above the helix as the goldwing is above the 400... ( as long distance touring bike) I do miss the mirrors being mounted on the body instead of the handle bars but that is the only thing I can wish was different. I can see why people are swaping windshields for something larger.. Especially if they are on the Highway much. ( yes I was a bad boy and was on the highway for two miles)... I know I will enjoy the heck out of this thing...
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