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Ok, thought I'd come here....again. I just picked up my 4th Burgman 650. This one is a 2011 Exec with right at a thousand miles. The other three I've owned, I've probably logged around 20K miles combined.
I want a scooter and then decide on a bike. My garage should be a used cycle lot. :shock: Changing jobs and need lockable storage and after coming back from a 400mi. trip on my ZZR, I figured the B650 could do a better job 2 up on the trip. FI is a wonderful thing. :wink:

As George Constanza would say - "I'm back baby!"

Just for grins: I'm 44, been riding 13 years now and wife rides with me about 50% of the time. I'm keeping my Honda 919 (probably the best bike I've ever owned) and selling the ZZR on CL.

I got a smoking deal on the scoot - 2011 1K miles and extended warranty till 2017 for $6500.

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Welcome back....
[ I'm the same Duster that used to live in the Waco area ]
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