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IS it WORTH IT? Issues? B400, 2003

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My Burg 400 clone, the VOG, is living on borrowed time.

It's eminently useful. I have a 650; that's my cruising bike...but I need something lighter and less thirsty.

I see a local dealer has a 2003 Burgman 400 for sale - his marked-up price is $1999.

It has 26,000 miles on it.

I'm considering this for several reasons: First, some body parts may be interchangeable with my VOG. Possibly the tires as well And I expect general handling will be similar.

Is this even remotely worth it? The second reason is, Craigslist Burgmans have pretty much dried up. Oh, sure, there'll be more in the fall - but at what price.

What issues can an owner expect, that have been solved in newer 400s? Does a 400 with that much mileage have much left in it, anyway?

What's a more-realistic offer on this?
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Last August (10 months ago) I bought a 2005 Burgman 400, with 23,000 miles on it. Owner had taken it to the dealer for maintenance, but could not give me any maintenace records, I too was hesitant on a bike with these high miles. Since I've bought it, I've put on over 6,000 miles. I had the 25k service done ($280 at my excellent local motosports mechanic), new tires ($260 roughly), otherwise the bike has been great to me. No problems, no issues, and I've driven it in 8 degrees to 100 degrees. I have kept a battery tender on it in the cold weeks, and also once a week to top it off. At 5000 feet altitude here in CO, I have acheived a low of 58mpg in the cold, and 77 mpg last week running at a steady 50 mph, 50 miles at a time.

I will say this- after I added Dr.Pulley 18g sliders and a use Leo Vince 4 Road exhaust, and the bike no longer hesitates between 0 and 40. It feels like a brand new bike right now, and I'm sitting around 29,500 miles.

I would definitely recommend budgeting about $500 for basic unkown maintenance (25k service etc) but from there you're set... although, for $2500 you can get in a nice bike with much lower miles.

In my area, for example, pre 07 Burgmans gor for 2700 and lower. An 03 with 8k miles actually showed up for 1825.... then was snatched up and flipped for 2700 a week later.
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