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Pretty impressed with the upgrade they just made

? Completely interactive OpenStreetMap map
? A single map covering the entire world
? Full functionality with and (after Installation) without Internet connection (online and offline)
? Entire countries incl. their city maps can be installed (WLAN recommended)
? Permanently free map updates
? Powerful map technology (NGx)
? Route planner (car, pedestrian, bicycle)
? Variety of map styles (e.g. night, outdoor)
? Variety of search options
? IdeaLog for feedback to the developers
? Easy-to-use favorite lists
? Optional synchronization of favorites with web portal

ForeverMap 2 is the perfect companion when you are traveling or on a journey. Regardless of where you are. You get maps just as you need and wish to receive them.

Easy to download the maps and it routes even when completely offline.

I just did all our stays in Europe - straight forward and can route between them even if offline.

Bout time a decent offline solution - especially places like Pennsylvania where cell coverage is iffy on the better riding areas.


This is the other one I am trying but Forever Maps seems pretty decent.

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Sorry............BUT I hate having a "smart phone" that has a higher IQ than I do............!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
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