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introduce myself

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My Name is Sherri. I am from Ohio. I bought a Blue Burgman 400 about a month ago. I love it. I had a gray one for awhile. Hubby liked it so much, he wanted me to get a different one.. LOL

So we now own two burgman's and a Honda Valkyrie and a Honda Goldwing.......all these toys and so little time.

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Hey Sherrie, our toys can be addictive can't they? We just sold my wife, Angel, Honda 600 Shadow and bought a Burgman 650. Have had it for 2 days and have150 some miles on it and she loves it. It would be nice if the seat was a little lower but she is dealing with it. I really enjoy my Gold Wing and for a couple of retired Medicare folks, we are enjoying our retirement. Hardly have time to ride our Gold Rush Recumbents Bicycles since becoming "bikers". LOL
Thanks for the welcome. Burgman's are funny,,hubby liked mine so much......he took mine and I had to get a new one. We kind of wish now we would have bought the 650's..... but maybe in a year or so we will do that. It is so hard to break them in.....I want to really push it....and I know you have to be careful with the break in .......
I tell you ....I had trouble getting my feet on the ground and dropped the burgman a couple of times...(and I cried) I got some scratches on her. So my husband and I checked into the thing called Tow-pac. I had that put on the bike and it is now a mini trike...has boosted my self confidence 100%, as I don't worry about dumping it again..... It attracts a lot of attention and looks really neat.... Several of my friends are going to do this to their bikes now... It can be taken off in 15 minutes and if a different bike is can be converted to be put on that one. They even have them for goldwings and any other motorcycle... and reasonable priced.
We hope to take a long ride on burgman one day.....even tho they are only 400's.....I think the scooter could take the highway???
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Welcome to the board Sheri. Congrats on your new Burger's. I'm so sad and envious as I just put my 650 away last night for the winter *sighs*. Have fun and ride safe!
I know,,,I just got mine and now it has turned cold.....but I insure it all year...not that if we have a decent day....Off I will go into the wild blue yonder with ol blue...LOL

It is so I know why hubby loves riding....I am getting the bug now big time...

You all have a great weekend and thanks for the nice chat...

Hugs from Ohio
Sherri :p
Sorry you guy's have to put your bikes up in the fall and winter. Here in the Phoenix area it's great weather to ride right now. But then again in the summer we melt.
I like to ride in the cold.

45 minutes into riding in 25 degrees (-3c) and you'll warm up.
Get a snowmobile suit, ski gloves, thermal wear and thick socks.
Drink hot liquid before you ride. Too much hot liquid and you'll have to stop too soon.
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