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Interesting Brit tour report - in the US and ......

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Never mind.
Gotta love his comment from visiting my neck of the woods.

I decide to stop in Lawrenceburg, which turns out to be a small industrial town, which apparently manufactures ******** and pick-up trucks, if the local populace is anything to go by…
Cool! I might ride out that way sometime and shop for a *******. (You can find pickup trucks anywhere.) :lol:
If you know of anyone looking for a 'high-tech *******' let me know. I'm willing to relocate. :)
I thought I had better warn my friends about the referenced forum thread in my original post - I have been reading it for a total of 7 hours now and I am on page 48 of 80 (and I am addicted!). :shock:
Yeah ... warn me now after I've read 12 pages. :roll:
NormanB - you are in deep trouble - another addict, and I have only just cleared page 1 - well found.
Sorry chaps and chapesses - I have just finished around 11 hours but I have to say, interesting, gripping, inspiring and well WOW!

:) :)
Very engaging. I got about 3 pages into it and then had to leave for work. Have put a linky on my desktop so I can spend some more time reading it when time permits.

Thanks for the link NormanB. 8)
I just clicked on that and had to laugh - I read / skimmed that months ago. Interesting but too long for me. That site is one that I frequent regularly and interesting / funny travel log postings there are very common. Many travel with lap tops and post enroute. Those boys do love their GS's.

OK - well thanks for not sharing it with us earlier then. :bootyshake:
Nice ass, Norm.

Honestly, I didn't find it that compelling. I've been on my share of multi-month motorcycle trips and don't view them as a spectator sport. I like the Readers Digest versions. Plus, all those weather and meal reports.............

Well, I believe that about covers the negative, dark cloud, know it all point of view, doesn't it?

I've ridden through the exact locations or general area of most of his route, and I did very much enjoy reading his impressions of his experiences.

If you're interested, there are a variety of travel logs on that site, most all of which are shorter and faster paced.

Nice to see you up and cracking m8.

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Thanks for the compliment and kind words! :p
I am getting better each day but still not up to heaving the lardy around - just yet. I am optimistic for this time next week!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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