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Insurance Rates for the 400

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Hey Y'All!

I want to tell you that the cheapest scoot rates that I have found is Dairyland Insurance Co. My price quote for a 2005 B 400 is 158.14. Granted I am a female (sorry guys) and I have loads of discounts but this is the best that I have found. When I had an accident on my brand new Savage after only 50 miles 4 years ago, Dairyland smilingly paid me 2000.00+ with little hassel. I have, needless to say, sworn by them ever since.

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Well, I'm a guy who's not getting any discounts on my full coverage for my Burgman 400, and I'm paying $48 a month through Geico, and I get 3 months a year free (they assume I won't ride in the winter... silly people).
Sorry, I'm in Washington State
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