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Installing a Clearview vent

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Has anyone installed or seen a Goldwing WS vent on a Clearview WS? I have a GW1500 vent I was going to install on my GIVI WS, but the curvature is too great on the GIVI WS.

The vents on Clearview WSs look very similar to the vents on GW1800s. I think the curvature on the GW1800 and GW1500 are the same except the hole is smaller on the 1500 and it is all clear plastic instead of the grey plastic pieces on the 1800s.

I like my GIVI's shape, but I would like to have a vent. I discovered on my GW that if you open the vent one notch, it reduced the wing noise and buffeting. I assume the same effect would occur on the Clearview 650 WS?? Comments?
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Roy, I cut my GIVI for a 1500 Goldwing vent. I did not fit 100% but was like a 95% match with just a small gap on the front sides. But the answer to if it was worth it, Yes and No. It did help some but what worked better was shimming the bottom of the GIVI out 1/4 inch. I also cut the top of my 1st GIVI flat across, removed 1.5 inch.

On my newer GIVI I had it crack so I drilled the crack, shimmed the bottom and cut the top down over 3 inches to releave the pressure at the top. I get no buffeting but the air/wind noise is higher.

On the thicker Clearview, when they cut the hole, they then mill out the edge about 1/2 inch diameter greater than the hole, countersinking the vents frame. It is not something I would do without a Jig, holding block and plunge router setup.

On a OEM shield, there is a small gap where the bottom meets the black plastic mask. A GIVI is curved under at the bottom edge and seals that gap, compounding the lack of airflow behind, IMHO.
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Roy, heres a Clearview Large with vent for $100 + shipping:

It is said that a non-Exec shield only needs a couple holes reamed to fit a Exec.

Maybe I may think about it too.
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