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I think I bought mine 3 years old but "new old stock" for $3200 with 15 miles on it. Too many bikes, too many memories lost.

I just went back and looked at my last deployment to Germany, it was 1997. So the CX650T was 4 model years old when I bought it.

And Wife said I had it 6 months. I sold it for $3000 so 6 months riding for $200.
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That 650 Turbo It's definitely a beautiful machine, but! (there's always one🙄), is still a 40yr old bike and Honda frames of that vintage where not the best for high power/speeds, kinda like the one year wonder 1983 CB1100F, super fast bike, but had the shimmy, bad. I owned a Gpz750 Turbo for 2yrs got new in 84, the best turbo bike of that era, but it had it issues. The turbos kinda discontinued themselves, as normally aspirated large bikes had similar or better performance with less complexity, easier/cheaper to mass produce.
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