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I bought a pair of Icon Device, almost exactly like yours. I really tried for weeks to wear them as they were, but have since all but give up on them.

Crotch area, cut to high, really good if you like to disco dance. Ridiculous for over pants.

Knee pads, I am 5' 9" 180 pounds of very average build kind of guy, and I ordered a 36. Could not get them in the right spot and I tried 2 of the 3 locations available. I ended up removing them, which isn't much good for rider protection.

Leg length, seriously to long. I found wearing light weigh flannel house pants was acceptable, otherwise the fabric inside was rough on the bare skin.

Like you pointed out the ratchet is nice, and the side Velcro gathers work well, but overall it is a fail for me.

I much prefer my kevlar lined jeans. Look good, fit as they should and Kevlar in the bum area, seams, and knees where it belongs.

Hope you get much better service out of your pair.
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