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Coming down local scenic parkway, 35 mph limit, two lane, double yellow stripe the whole way, two weeks ago, woman (cell phone airhead) in a Lexus SUV comes blowing by the line of cars, had to be doing 15 over...

Same parkway today, in a line of cars, up ahead I see a car coming at us all, completing a passing maneuver ON A DOUBLE YELLOW line once again, oblivious to anyone else on the road...

I talked to a local PD. Asked if I should bother getting license plate no. and make and model for PD. I can't afford a dash cam at the moment.
He said, NO, he has to witness the idiots before any enforcement can happen.

I guess there's no way to get these idiots off the road, until they crash into someone else :( :( :( :(

I'm just frustrated that's all, it's a lack of any consideration of others.

Thank you for listening and have a safe ride.
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