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WARNING: This comment will cause some friction. All conditions below are during daylight, not dusk or dawn.

It is a shame how dependant society has become on cell phones. I used to flash my lights at intersections or situations that I percevied a danger. I found the human brains perceived that as a challenge and usually made an agressive move after my warning. I then added another aux light to all my bikes. That helped a lot, but still didn't penetrate the dull fog of cell phone converstation.

The majority of the human brain is occupied by vision processing and preception. The only way to get destracted drivers attention is to poke them in the eye a little, to stand out. In about two years of testing alternating between low beam and high beam, I have conclusivly decided that HIGH beams freeze people and make them take notice. The Suzuki has superior high beam lights and during daylight it is amazing how different the riding experience is with high beams on vs. low beams. It did take me a while to rationalize the use of them, but I too have lost one to many friends to distracted dirvers.

As for LEO help, don't count on it. We have anti text and driving laws but people still do it. Be defensive, scan and evade.
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