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Im just venting.... :evil: :evil:
Am I the only person who goes to some drive thru in an unfamiliar fast food joint. Pull up to the speaker and a voice comes over the speaker and appears to be human..."blah, blah, coupons, blah blah would you like to try, blah, blah, can I take your order" I proceede to spout my entire order with all my specifics, ex: no ketchup, lite ice, etc... Then you pause, and a diffrent voice comes over the speaker and asks you to hold on a second. AHHH!!!!! I want to strangle those stupid pre-recorded messages. I cant tell anymore if its a real person or a recorded message. Has this happened to anyone else???
Thanks for listening!

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Drive thru / telephone scripting


I work in the tech support department for a large computer company (that rhymes with/feels like 'Hell') :twisted: . A major portion of our welcoming script is just that...pre-scripted. We are evaluated by if we follow the scripting on the opening and closing of each call. The same, sadly, goes for the fast food industry. I don't mnd if they do their speel...if only they could get my order right a decient percentace of the time. For someone like me who dines out (not cooked a meal in years) this is a major gripe. Another gripe...smoking sections without ashtrays. And if they can have a 'non-smoking section', can we not have a 'non-whiney-brats section' ??? The last was requested by my son when he was 5 years old.

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