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I had a dog named Steve.

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He was a German Short Haired Pointer. A rambunctious darn thing!
Now, many years later, I have a cat named Pointer (Gump Wilkerzbean for short.) :wink:

What's up with that!? :p

Actually, during one decade in time, I took to naming my cats after watches. I had tomcats names Seiko, Elgin, Bulova, an a few others too.

Then I ended that "thing" and started naming them after car parts. Isky (after the Isky camshafts), Howzer (I forget the reference...I think it had something to do with intake manifolds...) - oh yeah - he was a male calico (!), and another guy named Carter (after the carb.)

Wierd pets names. Whatta concept 'eh?

Peace out yo...

- Steve.

Oh SNAP! - that's right - my Mom wouldn't agree to that name change!
darnit! :evil: sigh,
- Peter :lol:
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I have 7 dogs, all Bichons, there's Nellers, Nelly, Dudley, Dewsquetti, Georgetti, Pauletti and Emma. Yep, 2 dogs a year and a half ago...had puppies, wife wouldn't get rid of them. THank the Lord they are all indoor and quiet dogs!

I had a dog named Ralph...we named him after the next door neighbors dog. He was a night watchman and everynight about 10 we would hear him say, "Ralph, get in the car Ralph. Ralph, get in the car. Get in the car Ralph, Get in the God **** car!". Every morning about 8 we'd hear, "Ralph, get out of the car Ralph...."

Had a seal point siamese named Simon after Simon LeGris. He stole everything that wasn't nailed down. Breast of capon off my plate, rings, socks...

Currently have 3 cats...Sophia after Sophia Loren, Sybil (can anyone guess how she got that name?) and Patches...a mostly white stray we took in with caramel and brown patches on her coat. Our son named her. I dislike boring pet names like Spot and Rover.
When our talkative firstborn was about four, he had an imaginary friend. With imaginary uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings -- all part of the world of his unseen friend. And there was a dog in the mix. The name was (this is phonetic, not in the dictionary, and the etymology escapes me) Arbersonie. Our first and best family dog, years, later, bore that moniker with charm and dignity, as much as an airdale/doberman/beagle mix, with Col Shweppes whiskers and a goofy grin, can.

A unique thread, this one.
We have two dogs - pretty normal names - Buddy and Snicker.

But, I had the perfect dog growing up in Rural Montana: a giant Saint Bernard with the "oh so perfect name" of: THOR.

He really was thunderous - a bark that would lift you off your feet, especially when you are 8 years old.

Miss him a lot. I'd take walks for hours on hours with him in the woods. I'm sure many a coyote or bobcat turned and ran when they crept up on me but saw that giant by my side. He was gentle as could be except when one of us was threatened. I'll never forget pulling porcupine quills out of his nose with a plier. He wanted to it bite me so bad cause it hurt, but he'd just put his mouth around my hand is if to say "stop, dang it, I promise I wont' do that again!"

We bought some pigs one year and let them roam freely, and Thor liked to travel around with them for some reason. One day one of them had a huge gash on its rear quarters but was alive. The Vet said that only a mountain lion could've done that damage, but they are terrified of large dogs, so likely ran away when Thor came along. The pig was cut badly enough that he barely survived the gash.

Ah, fun nostalgic stories from my youth in Montana. Sorry if I digress. In one of those moods tonight for some reason. Too much caffeine today I fear!
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Two greyhounds: Light brindle - Fancy That, and Blue (rare) - Storm
We've had two others: Light brindle - Omni Trixie, and Dark Brindle - Janis Joplin. After getting our first, we quickly decided they were the pet of choice for us. 8)

A male calico, eh? I didn't think that was possible.

Me niether Steve, but a calico he was. Yes, it is possible, but the probability ratio is off the hook! ...Howzer was mostly orange and white, but he had a black splash on his tail and another one on his forehead. A great Tom he was. He used to follow me on my Olmo 10 speed for miles through my neighborhood at night. He'd stay lurking and stalking way back about 6 houses and I catch a glimpse of him every once and a while near street lights where I'd spy him zipping across the street from one lawn to the next. I swear he'd keep track of me because he liked the sound my brakes made. My Olmo had "dimpled" rims so that when you applied the brakes it would make a pretty cool zzzzzzzzz noise. 2 Miles later, I'd stop at a corner, and soon after, up would come Howser looking for a scratch and a hug. Whatta cat! I am happy to hear you have greyhounds - there is sort of an abuse issue down here with the dog track racing thing and the general disposition of the owners and breeders...I've heard that they are wonderful dogs and great pets. My friend had a whippet(sp?) and used to tell me about how cool it was to take her out to the beach let her go and watch her take off at full tilt - what? like 30, 40 something miles an hour!? I dunno, but that has to be a sight to see!
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We adopted an older cocker spaniel in October. His previous mom named him Hoover. We kind of wondered about how she came up with that name until we got him home. He eats everything and is always trolling the floor for goodies that could have been overlooked. Sucks them right up if found! Love the dog and kept the name.

We had 2 bearded collies, not at same time , Donnelly and Frisco, wife and doughter was watching a lot of Edge of Night, at that time i think it was. We now have Toby, american eskimo. Never stops eating and is an expert on the 650 Burgman, he saw a lot of crazy ideas living with me. Was thinking I might build him a console to set in for a short drive. :roll:

Have you seen the dog seats made to fit on cruisers? I've been trying to think of a way to bring Hoover with me, but he doesn't seem to like bikes any better than my husband. Here's one link:

Pricey but looks cool! I've seen goggles, jackets, and caps before. Too cute!!

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