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Well, after waiting several weeks, I finally got it. :D I am so thrilled. I picked up my new 2003 AN400 (good deal on a year end model WOHOO!). I traded in my 2000 Honda Helix. Got the title in the mail, called the dealer then the insurance company. It was spitting when I left, but I wanted it now! :oops: So I carefully rode to the dealer, and off I went.

It was only a 10 mile ride, but I love it so far, even with the light rain. Now I have to get used to the differances. More pep, very sporty feeling. The Helix was a little cushier, and the wind protection was a little better, but I thin the trades offs will favor the Burgman. I love the storage, the handling, did I mention the pep? :wink: The seat my take some adjusting to. I am 5'11. I know the 650 would have been a wiser choice, but the extra $ held me back. So , some seat work, and a new windshield, and I should be fine.

I am looking forward to putting on a lot of miles soon, and a lot of postings to share! 8)
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