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I bet I can ride faster than you

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34.8 seconds

Mind you, I was not really trying here and had something in my eye :wink:
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34.70 seconds on the first try
33.03 seconds on the second try
1st try 47.25
2nd try 31.35
***added since original post***
20th plus try 24.83
Greengoose said:
1st try 47.25
2nd try 31.35
No fair! You're on a 650 and I'm on a 400. :p
New time : 27.62 :clock:
You're good Norman

NormanB said:

Thought I had you Norman but you're too good for me.


19.65 for the lardy arse
Instead of the game, I get a little red X in a box. :cry:

The game requires the Macromedia Shockwave Player. To download go to :
Thanks Bill,
After several tries went 22.62. Ho hum. Lot's more left in that Bronco! :)
Well I did a 19.35 today but got dusted by my 9 year old son who turned a 19.13........LOL
I Suck!!!!!

1 min 40 sec 1st time 40 sec the 2nd time .

same problem here kept falling off.

Now I know why I'm touring the road.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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