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Hump bag for the 400

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I would like to get a hump bag for my 400, like the one I had for my SilverWing. The problem is DJ does not make one for the 400 yet. I emailed him to see how many purchase commitments he would need to design and make one for the 400. He emailed me back and said 12-15 bags. I can account for two, Bob my riding buddy and myself. They are well made bags and can be seen at

He has sold a number of bags for the SilverWing, Reflex, and now the 650, so you should be able to get a reference on his bags from one of those sites.

Any others interested? Email DJ and let me know, I will keep a count.

Roy, tn usa
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Burgman 650 - Tank Bag

DJ at Maxi Scooter Stuff does make a tank bag for the Burgman 650. He hasn't put up pictures ot it on his site yet, but you can view it at the Minn-Max Yahoo Group. Click on the link below to get to the photo's section, then open the "DJ Tankbag Burgman_650" folder. Enjoy! :D
Hump Bag Wanted

Hi Roy,

I would like a bag for my AN400K4. :D Please let me know when you get
enough subscribers. Does DJ have a provision for a shoulder strap?
That would be a nice accomodation to design into this model.

Meanwhile, we need to keep this subject visible on the message
listings here and on Yahoo Groups, so others will be reminded to sign
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We need five more people. Anyone interested?

I'd go for one! Let me know how much.

Bob, check their site. I think they are 69.95 plus shipping. Send me an email so I can pull you on the list and email when we get enough people.
roy_ryall said:
We need five more people. Anyone interested?
Checked with my local riding group and specifically the one person I know personally who has a Burgie 400. No takers. He's fine with underseat and if he adds anything it will be a topbox.
Hi, after talking to my riding buddy, we have decided that we will not be getting hump bags. During the time I have trying to get enough names together to get DJ to design a bag for the 400, we purchased a seat bags and think it will be sufficient for our travel needs. I am sending this email to the people (12 yes and 1 maybe) who contacted me with their interest in a bag.

I will be sending DJ this email also. I would suggest that each to you email him with your interest and see if he will make the bag. His email address is [email protected]

Good luck, Roy
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