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How much should I pay....

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for a 650? I tried to buy one today and the dealer wouldnt budge off sticker price!! I couldnt believe the way I was treated. I thought that this time of year business was slower so maybe I would get some flexibility? Sticker price + customer service fee + frieght + batty. I could have bought it for 7995 + tax! Any advice on getting a decent deal??Thks :shock: :shock: :?: :?:
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Doesn't sound like much of a deal at all. Sticker price on a 2004 at my local dealer is in the neighborhood of $6,500 plus tax. One black, one silver. Keep looking.
Many thxs Ted!! :lol:
Would you consider buying out-of-state?

When I bought mine, I bought out of town... If you don't mind going out of state. For me it was 110 miles. Longer for you. Call Ray's Suzuki in Sumter, SC. He was pushing them out 1K less than dealers in Charleston. Still is.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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