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My boots (OXTAR 7150/GI) have now 15 years. The only fault they have is that the rubber protection (for the gear lever) cracked (and so got removed) some years ago, other than that i love these boots from the bottom of my .....feet :D

They are a bit scratched (from normal use, not from falling) and I wondering what kind of treatment could i do on them. Usual shoe polish? I often store them in the trunk of the burg when i reach my destinations, so i'd like to avoid to make them "tint" whatever else i have under the seat.

What you, as a seasoned and experienced riders, would do to renew them a bit and give them a better look and add some more years of life?

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i think i would write gore tex and tell them you have a 15 year old pair of boots! they might give you boots for life! (another pair) and a car or something for advertising rights.

I have only owned 2 articles of clothing that lasted more than 8 years, both were skivvies and swmbo made me throw them away when i finally took them off
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On my Goretex boots I use Nikwax
(MC boots about 9 yr old, cold weather assault boots, hiking boots)

I only use the boot wax and/or treatment when the leather starts to dry out as it softens the leather effectively and can make it too soft for protective clothing if used too often.

Water beads off nicely for a long time and if it fades I refresh the surface with one of their spray on waterproofers for mixed leather/fabric. It doesn’t have the leather treatment to make them too soft.
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