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How did you find out about Burgmans. ?

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Back in 1971, being at the tender age of 18 and in my last year of high school, a mishap occurred shortly after purchasing a Yamaha 250 (against my parents wishes) that put me in the hospital for 2 weeks. After that, I never thought about 2-wheelers again.

I retired back in 2007 and after some time, I discovered that most of my driving was only around town for small odds and ends using my 10mpg Ford Super Duty truck. I started to see some scooters of various sizes showing up around my area and got interested.

I started off with buying a 2012 Yamaha Zuma 50cc, since Virginia only required a helmet and enough stupidity to ride on the roads anywhere in the Commonweath with one of those. I ws only going to use it for around town driving, since the max speed limit was 35mph. Next thing I know, I started trying to go places outside of town that I had no business being at on such a small machine and the riding bug had hit me, so I decided that I must take the next step up and get something larger and safer, But where to start? :confused:

I then recalled when shopping for the Zuma, I saw two Burgmans in the MC dealership and recalled how elegant-looking they were, so I started researching scooters, not wanting to deal with clutches and gear-shifting at my age. Of course, my local dealer had so such machines left so on went the online and dealer searches in my locality, The Burgman still stood out in my mind as the one I liked most and I was impressed by the reviews and stats over the other brands.

My search finally turned up a new 2012 400 in May last year at a dealership in West Virginia that had that one left and was trying to get rid of it at a reduced price, which was very hard to reject. I looked at it and loved that look and the way it felt sitting on it.

Back in 2 days with my trailer and carted it home. Been enjoying it ever since and been traveling around the DC/VA/MD, and WV area all over. :thumbright:
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