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The manual states to use fuel with "at least" 87 octane. The compression ration on the Burgman 650 is 11.2 to one. That's pretty high for the use of 87 octane. However, the engine design has a lot to do with whether or not 87 octane fuel will knock or not in an engine with that compression ratio. Basically the purpose of higher octane gas is to prevent engine knocking caused by predetination of the fuel.
That being said, I know that in cars where premium gas is required, one can use 87 octane fuel in the same vehicle. These vehicles are equipped with engine knock sensors. These sensors detect engine knock that you can not hear. When the engine knock is detected the sensors cause the ignition timing to retard slightly to prevent the engine knock. This in turn will lower engine performance slightly. The vehicle will run but not at peak performance.
I don't know if the Burgman is equipped with these anti knock sensors or not. Maybe someone can chime in here who knows more about these bikes than I do. If these bikes are not equipped with these sensors then I believe the engines are designed to run on 87 octane since they do not knock or at least I can't here the engine knocking if it is.
I personally use 89 octane fuel for two reasons. The first reason is that it has been shown that when you pump 87 octane fuel, it can be 87 octane or slightly less depending on how old the fuel is and the qualilty of the brand. I figure, and without any scientific basis, that if I use 89 octane and it is off an octane number or so I am still using the minimum octane level required. I have tested all octane levels of fuel and I get the best mileage from 89 octane.
Hope this helps a bit.
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