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Hi. New Member here

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Hey. I am John from Melbourne Beach, FL. Ride a 2006 Burgman400 with a Texas sidecar. Used to be a Winger. Now I am mostly retired....not as much money for gas. Got the rig last October with 320 miles on it. Up to 6,000 miles now, but not much hiway driving. I am 62, retired Marine, a bit poky, no speed demon. That's for certain.
Riding up to The Asheville, NC area in August. Used to live there.
Any riding tips? 95 to 26 is hiway and quickest.
OK on hiway?
Should I go smaller roads?
Do these rigs burn oil?
Hello all you Jar Heads!
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Welcome from KY! Sounds like a sweet set-up - would love to see pics if possible.

As for the oil issue, I believe the older (pre2007) 400s use a bit of oil when running high speed WOT on the highway. Just keep an eye on the sight glass - check the level every time you fill up the tank and top off a bit if need be. You should be good to go.

Ride safe!
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