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I think you will find a maxi-scooter -- either the 650 or the 400 Burgman -- to be a most satisfactory ride. I've owned a fair number of powered two-wheelers over the years, and returned to a 650 as a my current ride.

While I am much younger than you -- I'm only 73 -- here's a chunk of a spirited ride I did a few weeks ago with my riding buddy. He's on a BMW R1200RT, and I'm on a 2008 650 Burgman
. I guess the GPS telemetry in my GoPro had a bug, or got confused by sun spots or something, because I try to stay within posted speed limits at all times:

Red Shift? Mine is faster as it is Blue Shift. ;)

Welcome to the forum Jerry.

Like many, I left the Goldwing groups behind and went to a Baby Goldwing, a Burgman 650. It does all that I need 85% of the time. I do miss the Wing when I need to blast over the ton for a long time but the Burgman 650 will go all day at 105 MPH.
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