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I may be going out of bounds here, if I am our moderators will let me know. I was just thinking that this is a nice site, no adds, no banners, no bull !.
I know very little about computer sites but I it must cost to keep one alive and well.
And since I never see that "Greengoose" fellow :D ask for donations I figure as a member that enjoys this forum I would just put in a reminder before the new year..
Don't remember the Paypal address but someone else can add it

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Lapine Rider said:
This forum saved me at least $20 on a Corbin seat for my 400-- the least I could do is give some of that back. So I did.
I'm sure that this forum has saved all of us some money, if not the way it did for you, then as invaluble knowledge gained for future purchases.

And the structure! Have you seen some of the other forums?

Thank you Bryan, Greengoose :)
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