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HI All, I have just purchased a burgman AN400 2000 REG does anybody no if a 12v socket was fitted to this model, can't find one just a flap in the right hand side small cubby hole and wondered if it was behind that, did not want to pull it and break something, if it has not got one can someone be so kind and show me a link to fit one.
By the way I'm from the UK riding for years, been off the road since 2007 due to accident, got the burgman to get out there again and loving it, thanks guys.

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Hi and welcome to the forum :hello2:

Have a good look around tons of stuff here to inform and inspire you.

So you have got a fairly old carbureted model, how many miles, how many owners?

There were no accessory sockets fitted as standard.

However, it is very easy to source the items on the net and the options of where to fit on the bike are open to you. I settled on two, in the lockable glovebox and in the trunk.

Have fun, please update your profile to show location, and put your bike details in your signature.
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