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Help dealing with a "dealer"!!!!!

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This is my first "posting" on this site although I am a regular visitor to it. I am not even sure this is the right place to post in this site either.....anyway........
I am having a problem with my Burgman and the dealer doesn't seem to want to take any blame or responsibility for it. It is still covered under the warranty.
Several weeks ago I brought it in for the first 600 mile service. Prior to that, everything was fine! The next 2 days I used it, I started to hear a whining noise. It got to the point that it was whining so loud it sounded like a fire engine siren going down the street!!!! Over those 2 days, the noise got so bad I was afraid to use it and made an appointment to bring it back to service. When I got it back from the dealer the noise was mostly gone but I still hear it if I listen for it, especially doing between 35-45 mph. I was told that the transmission fluid was "low". I believe that during the 600 mile service the tech forgot to refill it therefore I was riding for 2 days with my transmission parts grinding together. Also. I can barely get 110 miles on a tank before the final fuel bar begins to flash. Before, I was getting nearly 140-160 before the final bar flashed.
I am asking if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with my dealer or what steps I can take to get it fixed or replaced to my satisfaction. I plan on keeping my Burgy for several years and now I believe there is already permanent damage on my tranny that will only get worse with time. I welcome any and all suggestions........thanks!!!![/s
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Sorry to hear about your problem.

The first thing I would do is check to see that the transmission fluid was, in fact, changed at the 600-mi. service. Check the invoice, and if it doesn't show on there, I'd speak to the service manager and ask him if it was done.

If it was done, I'd point out to the fact that more than likely the tech either completely forgot to fill it or didn't put enough in. Since you can still hear "noise" and your gas mileage is way down it's arguable that there is a tranny problem as a result. I would request that the dealer inspect the transmission and ALLOW YOU TO VIEW IT AFTER IT'S APART, and have them DEMONSTRATE whether there is damage or not.

If the dealer refuses to do this, I would ask for the name and contact information of the Suzuki representative for your region, and I would prepare a business letter outlining your concerns and send it, WITH A COPY TO THE DEALER. When doing this, I recommend using US Priority Mail. It's not nearly as expensive as the overnight options, but still comes in these eye-popping big envelopes, which are good attention-getters.

It is important to be unfailingly polite during all this, as you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

If, after contact with the Suzuki rep, you still don't get what you want, I would send them another letter, REGISTERED this time, stating that your concerns are not met and that you are notifying them that should any problems occur with the transmission in the future, this is documentation of your concerns, and your feeling that the transmission may have suffered damage from this incident that shortened the usable life of the transmission. After that, if something does come up, then you have full documentation in case legal proceedings become necessary.

Now then: if you start at step 1 and the dealer works with you, then you have no problem. If the dealer won't work with you, I'd certainly give that dealer no more of my business, and if it were me I'd post the NAME of the dealer HERE so the rest of us can be warned.

Hope this helps...

WLB :>)
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Thanks WLB!!! Great advice on which I plan to follow!!! I will hold of on naming the dealer for now to give him an opportunity to redeem himself.
As far as knowing whether or not the fluid was actually changed....I dont know. The 600 mile service requires ALL fluids on the burgman be replaced. I for one just believe this service requirement is just a clever way dealers use to make $$$.
Thanks again for the time you took to reply!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to BurgmanUSA. I would also suspect that they didn't properly refill the transmission, final drive, or even both. If it were me, I would definitely pursue it, getting as much documentation on the incident as possible. The steps outlined by WLB seem a reasonable way to proceed.
mojony said:
...The 600 mile service requires ALL fluids on the burgman be replaced. I for one just believe this service requirement is just a clever way dealers use to make $$$.
'taint so.

I agree that it sounds like your tranny fluid was under-filled or not filled at all after draining.

I don't agree that replacing fluids at 600 miles is a scam.

During the first few hundred miles any manufacturing debris, metal shavings from wearing in, etc. flood the fluids, and changing them is the only way to prevent premature failure of the moving parts.

Anyway, here's my suggestion. Take your bike to a different shop, tell them what happened, and let them do an inspection. Have them give you a written estimate for repairs and take it to your dealer. Be polite, but be firm.

If they won't play ball you can take them to court with the other shop's technician called as an expert witness.

Good luck.
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Whining noise

I also had a similar problem. After my 600 miles service maintnance, a loud whining noise developped on by Burgman 650. Like you I immediately suspected a lack of oil somewhere!

My dealer picked up the bike with his truck and took it back to his shop. I was afraid to drive it in case it did more damage.

It turn out to be a plastic part rubbing against the rear wheel. It could not be detected with the bike on the center stand but only with the bike running normally.

The dealer explained that his mechanic reinstalled some plastic part the same way he did on a Burgman 400 which led to this particular part rubbing on the wheel once the bike was moving.

I am sorry I cannot give you more accurate details but it definitely is worth for your dealer to investigate.
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It sounds to me like a case of "circumstances" low trans oil would not cause the siren you heard, and if it were empty and burned out I would think you could feel it, but it mite well be a answer a dealer would give for a problem that was no longer there when he looked for it -like you said the noise was almost gone -
What is the condition like now ? and have you rechecked the mpg ?
I am not saying the dealer didn't screw up but there are a few reasons for the noise you heard aside from anything being wrong. 8)
Randy said:
It sounds to me like a case of "circumstances"...
What does that mean?

Randy said:
...low trans oil would not cause the siren you heard...
Oh really. Did you go listen to his bike so you know exactly what he was describing? Funny that other people have had similar occurances that decreased or disappeared when low fluid levels were corrected.

Randy said:
...there are a few reasons for the noise you heard aside from anything being wrong. "
I totally disagree with that statement. If the Burgman didn't make that noise for 600 miles, then did make it for two days, and now only slightly makes, and if other Burgmans don't make that sound (mine certainly doesn't), then it is clear that something is (or at least, was) wrong.

Maybe it was just a plastic part rubbing, as you suggest, but that would still qualify as "something wrong."
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