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help buying a mower

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I need a lawn mower, prefer a 22 inch front wheel drive side discharge electric start or electric engine corded (biiig yard 2 acres no buildings ) and NOT made in china, don't care if its made in jerkisatania just as long as it's not made in china,
any suggestions?

riders are out, my back doesn't like the bouncy bouncy stuff and I have to have 3 days "off" after mowing if I use the rider, I'll sell half the land before I'll do that again
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I've got 2 MTD 20 inch HiWheel mowers...
1 side discharge,
1 rear discharge.
Considering the bumpy yard I used to have to mow,
a mower with the big rear wheels is the only thing
I would use...couldn't hardly push around small wheels.
Used the side discharge mower for the main part of the yard...
used the rear discharge mower with the wheels set high,
for mowing out behind my back fence, in the utility
easement, where nobody else ever mower. do you edit a post for misspelling ?????
Yes...i am yelling......................
and why is my last post not in upper case.......
I intended for it to be in upper case
because I am yelling.........................
There is no EDIT button...bottom right of the posting window says
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1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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