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Hello proud owner of a 2005,an400 PUERTO RICO/USA

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hi friends,
i am located in san juan,puerto rico/usa.proud owner of a 2005 an400.just made my first oil change.thanks.
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Welcome to the group 8) Glad you are enjoying your 400.
Welcome to BurgmanUSA! What color is your '05 400?
Encantado, Bruno!

Did you find that front facia, yet? I'm thinking that may be difficult to find without ordering a new one. Good luck to ya.

Hi Bruno
Welcome to the forum :hello2:
Look forward to hearing more form you and viewing your pictures in due course.
Congrats on the Svelte Burger.
Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums Bruno. Glad to have you join us. How long have you had your 400? Sure didn't take long for me to get to 600 miles either. :)
Welcome Bruno,


Hi Bruno. The more the marrier! I bet it it's nice cruising around on that cool scoot in your neck of the woods!
peace out yo.
Congrats on the 400 Bruno and welcome to the forums.
Glad you're here....

I'm new myself....but everyone here makes you feel right at home.

Lucky you...enjoy that Burgman!



Newyorican born and bred!!!

-Willy Mo on Staten Island
My old friend Bruno

Hi Bruno. My daugther saw you last night riding home form the soccer practice in yor new Burgy with your daugther riding back. Now she asking me when I gone a get mine. At least she has her electric scooter, I'm feeling pressure. :?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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