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Quite a write up , Lapine Rider. good points\opinions.
I'm looking to get a burgman 650 next year. One reason why i'm looking for a large/fast scooter is , I've always ridden larger motorcycles, so I want and need to stay with the power I'm used to.
Secondly, I'm looking to get more coverage for my legs and arms in the cooler weather. In my opinion, the burgman will get me (sort of) in the same class as a goldwing for 1/3 the price and a hell of alot lighter & smaller.
thirdly, I'm a gadget man, always have been. So all that fancy digital dash stuff along with all the other fancy stuff on the 650 sure does catch my eye.

one other thought, If the 650 was a wee bit bigger, say a 750cc, then that would totally be heaven. But hey, I have to make that decision all by myself, stay with the power of my 1400, or go with a "mini" goldwing for the protection.
Got all winter to decide......Oh what a lonnngggg winter it wil be.
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