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Hello fellow scooterists.

My name is George and I live in Western Illinois, about 50 miles from Quincy. I am a semi-retired educator and love riding my scooter. I have had scooters/motorcycles off-and-on during my life. My first scooter was a Cushman Super Eagle that I bought when I was 15. After I was old enough to buy a car I gave up riding the Cushman and it eventually disappeared. After several years of not riding I purchased a Suzuki 400 motorcycle and rode it for a few years until I moved out into the country. It became less desirable to ride the motorcycle on a daily basis because of the possibily of changing weather during the day while I was at work, so I ended up selling the motorcycle. After I retired from full-time teaching I began to get interested in two-wheeled transportation again. I ended up buying a Chinese 150 cc scooter and rode it for a short time. A very low-milege Honda 250 cc Reflex was brought to my attention and I purchased it and sold the Chinese scooter at the first opportunity.

I rode the Honda quite a bit last summer and found that I absolutely loved riding again, especially longer-distance multi-day rides. For the last several months I had been thinking about getting a larger scooter, and settled on the Burgman 400 as my scooter of choice. Last week I found an immaculate 2011 Burgman 400 with 1000 miles on the spedometer, listed by a private seller on the internet.

To make a long story short, I drove out to Kansas City, Missouri and trailered the Burgman back to its new home, and am looking forward to miles of enjoyable riding this summer and hopefully many more.

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