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Hello from Texas!

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Hello All,

Just acquired a 2003 650 Burgman yesterday. Has quite a few miles (47,000) on her but, she's in good shape and appears to run well. Has been well cared for from the looks of it. I live in Tomball, Texas (Northwest Houston) and am a 'newbie' in the Burgman world!

One issue I see is that the clear plastic dash face is pretty beat up for my liking. I am pretty anal about the condition of my vehicles so I'd like to be able to replace this I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it would be to replace this part and if that part is readily available? Is that clear plastic dash cover a separate part?

Other than that, the bike does need a new front tire which I will take care of shortly.

I do not have an owners manual for the bike so have no reference for anything about it other than what the former owner told/showed me.

This will be quite a switch for me as I have owned many bikes over the years including a 1981 Honda GL1100, 2001 Kawasaki Voyager 1200, 1985 Kawasaki Voyager 1300, 1999 Honda Magna 750 and 1990 Honda Pacific Coast. The Burgman reminds me a lot of the Pacific Coast although it was an 800cc. In fact, I traded the 1985 Voyager 1300 for the Burgie. Looking forward to spending time on the Burgie!


Any help or suggestions as to things I should know about this bike would be much appreciated. I figured this forum has all the answers I could possible need.
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