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Hello all.
After lurking and reading all the great things about Suzuki Burgmans the last few years I finally took the plunge and got one.

I had looked at the Burgman 400 a few years ago but ended up with a SYM RV 250 that has been a pleasure to ride for the last few years. The local dealership was close and the SYM ratings were very good and it fit the budget easily.

Recently, the right set of circumstance arose and my sweetie of over 35 years said get the bike you really want as it may be the last bike you ever get. (I am just over the 60 year milestone). Who’s going to turn that offer down? Needless to say, I hustled down to the local Suzuki dealer and drove the 400, not bad but not the excitement I expected. It seemed too close to my SYM in many ways. (I do not do a lot of highway miles, but prefer the back roads).

So, next the 2012 650 they had in stock and WOW, what a difference in power, stability, etc., etc., etc. The best way to describe my test drive was that if felt like I was on a Cadillac/Ferrari, smooth and comfortable but powerful and responsive as well. Decision made!

Next question, 2012 0r 2013? The dealer did not have a 2013 in stock but I liked what I had read on line and wanted to at least try one before making a decision. I asked him to order one with the understanding that if I liked it, I would buy it, if it did not feel right then I would take the 2012 they had in stock.

He called when one arrived in Black about a week ago and the test drive sealed the deal, but I wanted the gray color, so we made a deal and he ordered it.

Today the call came after a week with no wheels. In the interim, I sold the SYM privately but I hoped that I could keep it as it is a lot of fun for quick trips.
I was not able to pick up the new Burgy today but dropped by to see it and did the paperwork. Tomorrow at 11:30 we take possession.

It looks like the beginning of a beautiful love affair!


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Welcome, I'm sure there are lots of folks here who would be interested in your impressions of your new toy after you have put some miles on it.
Enjoy and ride safe! :thumbup:
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