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Hello from Round Rock, TX

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Hi, my name is Terry, I'm 63 and retired and just purchased a left over, brand new 2003 Burgman 400. This brings me full circle as I started riding a "twist and go" Cushman in 1957 before moving on to motorcycles. My Kawasaki Voyager will remain in the family until I've assured myself that the 400 will be satisfactory on long trips. Initial plans are to install a Utopia driver's back rest and a wider and taller windshield. May add a Givi box later as the Voyager has really spoiled me on having lots of storage space!

My knowledge of CVT transmissions is pretty limited. Can anyone recommend a good reference on them? I've purchased the shop manual and plan to do my own work after the first service.

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Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums TC. Glad to have you join us. Congratulations on the new Burgman 400. What information are you looking for on the CVT? There was just an excellent article posted that detailed 'Malossifying a K3 400' to improve the performance on the 400.
Welcome to the group.

Funny, we just sold our Voyager in order for me to get the Burgman.
Happy t' meet'cha, Terry. Welcome to Easy Street.

Greetings Terry and welcome to the forum! :wave:
Hello! Glad you joined!
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the fourm.
Hello Terry,

Welcome to the group. You'll meet lots of really nice people here. :D And you will get lots of great information too.

Janine :wave:
Hi Terry

Welcome to the forum :hello2:

I am glad you found us and that you posted. :wink:

Good choice of machine by the way :wink:
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