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Hello from Indiana

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I just joined and thought I'd say hello to everyone. Your site has given me a lot of information and has helped inform me about "scooters". I currently plan to get a blue '05 Burgman 650 this spring. Mainly because of three reasons ...
1. I don't like the Silverwing colors this year for '05
2. I do like the "Digital" read out dash on the Burgman 650
3. I will like the overdrive feature for '05. (If it turns out to be true.)

I have been looking at the Silverwing for almost two years. I found your Web site looking for a forums site with Silverwing information. Google taged a posting ... now here I am. Thanks Google! Your site opened my eyes to the Burgman 650. I have been reading your site for almost a year now, almost on a daily basis. I thought it was about time to join and donate to the site.... to give back a little for all the wealth of information I've received here.

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Welcome aboard!! Glad to have you here and hope you enjoy it as much as we all do. I still find new stuff daily. Great place.
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