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Hello from Geneva/Switzerland !!!!!!!!!

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First of all...sorry for my poor english. My mother tongue's french and english is only my 3rd language...
I'm a happy owner of a new Burgman 400 since 2 weeks (only 400km as yet) and I love it. Looking forward for the spring cuz the last 2 weeks were
terrible here, snowing, raining and temperature below 0 C.
I've found this forum very friendly, full of good ideas and interesting questions...and answers.....
It's nice to see that people from all around the world can share the same passion...
All the best to you all and see you on the roads...well...I would have to cross the ocean
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Hi Christian and welcome to the forum.
Third tongue you say! I wouldn't have known by reading your post . Your english is excellent. I also believe congrats are in order for being our first Swiss member.
I to am like you wishing for warmer riding weather. It was snowing here again yesterday and it's really getting depressing. I just want to go for a ride :D
Hello Chris,
Welcome to the Burgman site. Cold weather is keeping us northerners from enjoying our scooters as much as we'd like. I'm from Connecticut and am a great fan of your country's swiss army watches and knives.
Hope you can get out and enjoy your new scooter real soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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