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Hello from Arkansas

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Pick up the 650 tomorrow. My wife rode a Rebel 250 but it just wasn't able to ride through these Ozark hills. I ride a 2004 VTX Neo and the Rebel just can't keep up ( for obvious reasons - about 1600 of them!).

Good site here. I will refer to it often.
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Your 650 will do I-40 & 67, no sweat.

Have you read the posts for break-in on the 650 that describe using Manual-Mode
to vary the engine speed better?

Welcome to the board for Burgmen.
Welcome to the board DBrown. Did you pick up the 650 for you or your wife?
For the wife - but who knows? Could be fun to ride! Over my VTX though?
I'm sure she will let you take it for a test ride. Once you've driven the machine you will understand what all the hype on this board is all about. However so will your wife and I'm willing to bet that after she rides it, she won't be as willing to let you go for joyrides. :lol:
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