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Hello America from good old Germany

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Hello to all !

My name is Stefan and I´m a Burgman-Driver from the north of good old Germany.

I was really surpised, when I found this board. We have an own board and you
are invited to have a look at it:
Enjoy our german page and maybe we will see us again at our board. Just klick on >FORUM< to open it.

I was in the USA from Febraury 8 to Februry 21 this year. I had a great time
at Orlando and on the beaches of Miami. My wife and me are great fans of
your country, and we really enjoyed our time.

Please, excuse my non-perfect english.

I hope, we can help each other with our experience of the Burgman 650.

So long from Germany

Stefan (in Germany known as "Inselgraf")
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Welcome German -Rider, I was on your site looking for ideas to costomise my burger. :idea:
@ seatec

I hope you found something to work with ??!!

If you´ve got any questions - just let me know !

By the way: it´s not my site, but I think that dosn´t matter at all.


Stefan (in Germany known as "Inselgraf")
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Thanks German - Rider, you will see some of my ideas on here in the near future, still waiting to get my 650 home, lots of snow here in Nova Scotia :D
Greetings Stefan and welcome to this forum. I'm going to have a look at the supplied link now....thanks. :D
@ seatec

Yeah, I saw your nice little icedessert, when I flew from Frankfurt to New York on February 8th. The plane flew directly among the candian coast.

But: don´t worry ! I bought my Burger in march 2003. From october to february I left him at my dealer, because it´s too cold in northern Germany in this time.
So, now I´m waiting to get him back on tuesday. Then I can start the first ride in this year, but the temperatures are still ugly cold. Today we´ve got only 2 Celsius and a heavy cold wind.

But I´m sure, there will be better days.

I can also show you the birthday of my Burger:
Look >>> !!


Stefan (in Germany known as "Inselgraf")
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Good to have you on board, Stefan. I rode my first bike in Germany (a small scooter.) I lived in Marberg, Giessen, and Roedgen (Home of the X-Ray) for several years, and met my wife in Germany (we were both in the service.) My daughter, being smarter than I, is fluent in German and hopes to visit in the next year or two.

Enjoy your new scoot!!!

Hello! Don't have my Burgman yet (actually my wifes ride). I'll end up maintaining the scooter though so I joined the website. My wife spent eight years in Germany- four years with me. We love Germany and we had great times in various cities and the countryside.
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