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I just picked up my silver '04 last Saturday at Long Beach
Motorsports in Long Beach, California - got it for $5,650 including all
taxes and fees. With nearly 0 miles on the clock, I only traveled
for one block before I was on the freeway for the ride home. I was
a bit apprehensive about taking a scooter on the freeway, and had
always been nervous about it even on my Suzuki sportbike - but the
Burgman was like a dream! Got her up to about 80 mph, and that big
windshield kept me out of the windblast. The bike was electric
quiet with my earplugs and full-face Shoei helmet on...and it was so
smooth!! I know some of you might be cringing about the impact on
my break-in period, but I had to do it!

Now it's doing strictly local surface street duty until it hits 600
miles...still it's hard to keep it below 5000 rpm just to be safe
and keep up with the flow of traffic! Anyway, so far it's been everything I always wanted my motorcycle to be!! Easy, comfortable and convenient. The only downsides have been:

1) The engine sounds about as sexy as a riding mower. Don't worry,
I won't drill the can out, but I would put a Yoshimura pipe on there
in an instant if one were available! Don't underestimate the value
of your exhaust tone - a good exhaust note will help keep you
noticed by other drivers!

2) This thing weighs MORE than my motorcycle did (Suzuki SV650),
but it has way LESS stopping power! How do I upgrade the darn
brakes on this thing? And why doesn't Suzuki offer it with ABS??

Happy Burgering!


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Hey MK congrats on the new purchase and welcome to the board. Your brakes as well need a little time to seat in. They should be more than enough.......well unless your trying to do stoppies or something.
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