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Any trained / experienced emergency responders or hardened men in the tavern? :devilish:

In preparation for a month-long ride from Arabia to EU, I'm assembling a first aid kit / plan and could use some advice.

Actually, I already have a kit, and I've trained St John's Ambulance first aid course, and seen some use; so we're not starting from scratch - but over-confidence can be just as bad as under-preparedness, and so I'd appreciate someone to talk things over.

The situation is mainly motorcycle accident, but we could add in camping as well as more generic survival, too.

Basically, I'll be on the open road for 30-ish days, on my Burgman, and would like to be as self-sufficient as possible.

I'm not thinking of discussing setting broken bones, or anything like that - I'll be solo, but on well-traveled roads; so I reckon someone will throw me into the back of a pick-up truck and drive me to the nearest doctor for serious stuff.

Instead I'm interested in self-care as much as possible, prevention preferably, or patch up and keep going, if possible.

I've read First Aid Kit what are you carrying and where ? and looked over the usual youtube videos, such as:

From preventing sunburn, dehydration, diarrhea, constipation, I dunno... gonorrhea LOL, to how to deal with minor scooter spills and wild camping issues, such as wild dog bites, to the more serious possibilites of hard crashes, what would you be thinking of if you were planning a 10,000km / 6,000 mile ride across Arabia?

I might be missing something obvious, and your comment could be a great help.
You may not agree with an assessment I made in 2001 or 2002. I went from Michigan to Redmond OR. For BMW Intl Rally. My whole 2 weeks on roadway done with leather and or nylon coat on 95% of the time. Keeps you hydrated, with no sunburn, or I'll effects of the sun. Your hands, you decide.
Decidedly, dark sunburn/TAN. OR GLOVED. Mine were decidedly dark, with lotion 2X daily. No troubles done in this fashion. On the road for my 1st long trip. My 1981 BMW R100RT was my chose steed of the moment. A trouble free trip to be sure, but we'll prepped.
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