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Well, I've been having quite a run with headlights the past couple of weeks. Not because of burned out bulbs but because I wanted decent color bulbs I can see with...anways:

I have HIDs on my Genesis for low beams, but the foglights were just Sylvania stock bulbs, around 4000K and the high beam/running lights were also incandescents in the 4000K. I ordered Lumenics 5150K ultra-white bulbs and now they all match in color and the car looks awesome. Amazon price was $21 for two (each type). I think one set of bulbs for the envoy was $27 (below).

I replaced the high beam, low beam and fog lights on our '04 Envoy with Lumenics 5150 K bulbs (H5, H7, 880) and replaced them and WOW. More vision at night.

I just this afternoon installed a retrofit HID kit for my 1990 Isuzu pickup. Consists of two ballasts, wiring harness and two sealed 'beam' (replaceable HID bulbs) to replace the glass headlights. Just got back from testing them after dark and WOW. The replacements are lensed and seem to be focused very nice. I'm impressed. Nice kit for $80. And, around 5150K in color. The bulbs do have the 'angel eyes' LEDs but I have not hooked them up yet. But I can see at night now very well.
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